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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

LYRICS: Perpetual battle of the Sun and Moon.

By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

For another day,
And then another day, A year and another year, His majesty, the king Perpetually battles, And also rattles The heavenly queen.

To his den, he retreats;
His tale not tucked
Between his legs.

Beyond the horizon, lies his abode,
where the ear can see,
and the eye can hear,

He licks his wounds
Some may heal,
But some never do.
And in another day,
Some open anew,

In a perpetual battle,
are nothing but a witness
For a fight that never ends
A destined battle; a serious one,
It is not a rattle.

A battle assigned by the only one,
The father of all, not the father of none.

Her advent proceeded
By worriers of sliver-light,
For cleansing the stage, they fight
For the flux of her radiant flow;
Her silver-lit appearance
Do shine and glow.

Whose might is shortly ceded,
In a perpetual cycle of battling;
The Sun and the Moon proceeded.

To eternally duel;
A conflict assigned
By the father of all, the only one.

Some people slumber.
But people of passion,
her presence, they pamper
And from a life fast-pacing,
Grab moments of pleasure.

As long as the king is thither, not hither.
For another battle, another task,
Assigned to fulfill.
To shoot his arrow-like rays,
Through Earth's skin
To let his blood run again,
In Earth’s arteries and veins.

A battle of the opposites;
Days and nights in an eternal chase
But yet not aware of a fact;
Their fights but show
their majestic beauty.
A part of an assigned duty?

As a wounded lion,
He roars in pain,
The stains of blood.

She rises up; her majesty the queen,
As if it were a flow of magic,
In the nooks of night,
Rise again, surely he will
An unavoidable battle.