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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

VERY SHORT STORY: Police, or...!

Police, or...!
By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

Enjoying sipping his morning coffee one day while the bulk of his body sank into the comfort of his leather chair and his legs rested on the surface of his desk; one on top of the other and both legs terminating in a pair of leather boots the blackness of which shone like wild beast's eyes shining in the dark. One thing though chief wolfgang hated...being his coffee-drinking intimacy disturbed. But since winds not always blow the way ships desire, The elegant gray phone on Wolfgang's desk rang. "Hello", Chief Wolfgang said; his attempts not to show anger made the word come out of his mouth hindered by his he clinching of teeth that shone despite drinking lots of coffee during his work day. On the other side, the disturbing voice of his pain-in-the-ass, sergeant McDonald slammed his ear, causing Wolfgang to make a tolerable distance between  the phone and his hearing organ. “Hello, hello, Central Police Station…this is Sergeant, McDog…respond, please!” said McDogg on his communication device. 

Sergeant McDog is a police officer  in Canineville Police Station and well-known for his good manners, dedication and loyalty to his work. “Yes, Serg. What is the matter?” Answered Chief Wolfgang. “Sir, there is a live unidentified subject walking in front of the station main entrance” said alarmed officer McDog, and then quickly added, “Sir, it seems that it has emerged from inside the station”

Chief Wolfgang shouted, “Serg., what the hell are you taking about? A live unidentified subject...walking...” McDog interruptd confirming what he has just said, “Yes, Sir. That’s right…awaiting instructions, Sir, for dealing with this unknown subject” Running out of patience, Officer Wolfgang yelled, “Describe the subject, you idiot!” McDog said, “Sir, it is as small as cat. Sir, it is not bipedal. Right now it is stepping in a pool of water, walking on four. It has perky ears, a fluffy tail, a furry hide, and long whiskers, and Sir, it is mewing. Sir, the whole gang failed to identify the subject” Wolgang imatiently asked asked“Serg, does it have a black back with grayish stripes?” - “Yes, Sir” McDog responded. “are its four pedals white?” Wolfgang asked. “Yes, Sir” McDog answered. “And it has a white-tipped long black tail confidently curving upwards?” Wolfgang asked. “Yes, Sir” McDog answered, and then added, “You’re very smart, Sir. It seems, Sir, you know a lot about this dangerous subject.” - "Dangerous my ass!” Said Officer Wolfgang; his voice full of sarcasm.“What, Sir! Could you come again? I did not hear you clearly” Chief Wolf gange shouted,“Roll back you idiots...do not…I repeat...do not disturb the subject” Office McDog wondered,“Why, Sir?! The object looks dangerous" and then added after a short pause, "It could be a terrorist, Sir” Chief Wolfgang had a big gulp of his coffee and swished the inside walls of his cheeks with his tongue, and said, “You, idiot…this is our new sleuth transfer from the CIA Department” And  then mockingly asked, “Do you know what CIA stands for, Sssserg?” Confused, officer McDog answered, “Yes, Sir...it is the Cat Intelligence Agency, Sir” - “Yeeees, bravooo!” Still confused, officer McDog asked, “But, but…but why, Sir?”

“Because you’re a gang of idiots who needed a cat to lead you…Over and out.” Said Officer Wolfgang, slamming the phone down on the table.



By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

“Attention!”, he yelled at them, facing the little colony that stood a stone-throw away and then, placing an emphasis on every syllable, he said, “My name is Brown, Sergeant Brown. I am your trainer. First lesson to learn…our colony is divided into three classes; her majesty the queen on top ensuring the survival of our society, the workers who labor so hard to bring the bread and butter home, and you, the soldiers. You are here to be toughened and remolded into good soldiers able to defend her majesty’s honor. Do you understand?” They all answered in one voice, “Yes, Sir”  but he yelled again, his body’s gesticulation emphasizing what he is saying, “What did you say? I can’t hear you” ─ “Yes, sir” they all shouted at the top of their voices. He then yelled with emphasis on every word, “What are you here for, soldiers?” They said, “To be remolded into good soldiers, Sir”. But he yelled again, elongating the first vowel of the word, “Aaand,” They all shouted in one voice, “Defend her majesty’s honor, Sir”

But suddenly, they heard a roaring sound. They all looked at the source and what they saw made their faces turn pale and their legs shake, including Sergeant Brown’s. They saw a monstrous armored vehicle approaching fast towards them, and heard Sergeant Brown screaming, “Humans, run for your lives”. Running over the colony, the vehicle flattened it to the ground, and then after running over the soldiers, it came to a full stop. 

Unzipping his fly, a soldier emerged from the vehicle and started emptying his full bladder. His comrade who was standing close to him laughed loudly, “Hey, Essam, look what you did!” Essam looked at his urine pool and said, “Dead ants floating all over the place, a colony of...oh...God, they look like warier ants” and then burst out laughing pointing at an ant lying on its back; its legs kicking in the air and said, “I am going to put this one out of its misery”

And with the heel of his heavy military boot, Essam squished Sergeant Brown.

The End

VERY SHORT STORY: Love on the beach

Love on the beach
By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

The mighty expansion of the watery body was smooth like the oily skin of a recently born babe and reflective of the celestial dome above. Brightly white clouds looked like blossoming cotton flowers, thus enabling sea-gulls to blend in; whiteness upon whiteness swooping and scooping fish. They limitedly disturbed the calm face of the sea, while cool breeze limitlessly caressed mine. It was one of those beautiful days where on the narrow strip of the beach, the sand shimmered under the abating sun like gold grains.

From my perching spot, my eyes fell on him. He lay close to the water, his well-squared and strong body bathed in the lingering sun rays. Others were walking in every direction except for her as her eyes have been fixed on him for a long time and also shone in admiration.

Time passed by and soon the sun started fighting the creeping troops of the darkness and the smoothness of the water turned into beautiful roughness; waves chasing each other and rhythmically beating the shores in a majestic symphony. But washed by a wave, he woke up and walked away and then suddenly stopped mesmerized by her looks.

“How graceful she is!” he whispered, but when her hands moved flirtingly, he added, “Am I invited to plunge into her magical sea?”, and a strange shiver ran though his whole body. He hesitantly approached her. She moved forward a stride and then stopped. He resumed his approach. The diminishing distance between them seemed to take for ever. He whispered to himself, “Finally, I am here” , and looked around to find the beach empty as everybody has already gone leaving behind tiny trails on the sand.

Despite the sun was gone, the full lunar celestial lamp guided him for his next move. In the pouring lunar light, he embraced her. She held him tightly and then both began dancing crazily to the rhythm of the shore-beating waves. They embraced tighter and their dance grew crazier in body and soul until they came to a climax and fell apart totally exhausted. They dazed; hands still clasped together. When he came back to his senses, she was already gone. He wondered, “Was she a sea fairy?”, but unable to find an answer, he dragged himself home; his ten legs hardly carrying him while walking sideways.

The End  


By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

“Hail Hammurabi! He who is the first man who carved a strict, but fair code of laws on a stone in a public place for everyone to read” he soliloquized and then released muffled scream driven by thoughts racing in his head. “Good Heavens! I don’t feel well...I am dizzy... what is happening?” holding his head in hands, he whispered.

He looked at the symbolic depiction of justice that was on the marble-covered facade of the jurisdiction supreme court. The blindfolded woman seemed to be standing upside down and dancing crazily while fading away; the scales in her hand likewise. He strove to gather his strength. The court cloak, carried on his arm, felt heavier and its black color looked uglier. He flung it into the Euphrates and slowly dragged him self home.

To avoid the road leading to the butcher in his jelly-like district, he swerved and followed a different route. Opposite his bombs-stricken residence, his eyes fell on a post-war fat cat in the company of his parasitical entourage. They all plunged into the value of an American automatic-geared fortune and heedlessly zoomed away. A passer-by, who had to jump out of their way, spat on the ground in disgust.

He entered a partially damaged building and climbed up to the beneath. While lolling his tongue with fatigue, he knocked gently on the door.  The door opened revealing the exhausted body of his wife whose eyes were shiny and hair unkempt. “Did you get the money?” not noticing her husband’s miserable condition, his wife leaned forward and whispered to him, fear depicted on her face that she might have disturbed their sleeping hungry kids. “No!” he answered; worries depicted on his face. “Why?” she asked, her voice alarmed. “I went to see him, but…” he hesitantly but in a solemn voice answered. “But what?” she interrupted; her voice sounding inquisitively louder. “I found him dead” he answered; his voice shaking. “Who died?” she wondered hitting her chest with her hand. He covered his face with his left hand to hide his tear-brimming eyes, and tried hard to have a firmer grip on his shaking body and said, “Hammurabi”; his quivering voice sounded coarser than sea-salt. Perplexed, his wife’s mouth gaped, but he gently pushed her aside and walked in to the room where his sick child slept.

“Dad, am I going to die?” his sick son asked. He quickly hugged him tightly and while firmly kissing him on the cheeks, he said, “No, I hope not, my son. I hope another Hammurabi will dawn on us soon”

The End