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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

LYRICS: A beautiful damsel

A beautiful damsel
By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

A beautiful damsel,
May Allah bless her!
She ventures not
The downtown bars
She cares not
For luxurious cars
Or frequenting
The up-scale bazaars
And from her family
She is never afar

With her husband
She is in love
Beneath not, her kids are,
But always above
Nisriina and brother
Are her precious doves
Proud of them
Her eyes speak of
In her eyes
I see her motherly love

God bless!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

LYRICS: Gratefulness

By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

In mother’s bosom,
I’m sleeping. I’m not crying,
Nether am I weeping Out of cold, Or a harsh scold.
I’m in mama’s fold.

Hers I suck
For a good meal.
I feel not cold.
She is my guard.
In the backyard,
Or sitting on the mat
Beside my sister cat.
Mew, mew, mew!
To Mama we both bow

As a sign of respect
Security, I feel.
Isn't she our Mama?!

LYRICS: Dedicated to a cute girl named nisrinna

By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

Lioness, lioness, lioness

That is apparent
I‘ve not to confess
I’m but a declarant
She does me caress

That is my mother
And father is a king
A prince is m’ brother
An’ I am a princess

Lioness, lioness, lioness

LYRICS: To Nisrinna

By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

Three, three, three
Mamma, brother an’ me Together sleeping
In her bosom, we feel the amour
Together sleeping
Hehe, a Turkish delight!
Together sleeping
Between hands an’ feet
Together sleeping
Her motherly affection
Together sleeping
Hither and thither
Together sleeping
On the bed or the floor
Together sleeping

In her bosom, we're secure.
Her hold is tight

Is it a treat?
Is it protection?

Binding us together,
It is her motherly amour?

We love you Mama!

VERY SHORT STORY: Love on the beach

Love on the beach
By: Aadel M Al-Mahdy

The mighty expansion of the watery body was smooth like the oily skin of a recently born babe and reflective of the celestial dome above. Brightly white clouds looked like blossoming cotton flowers, thus enabling sea-gulls to blend in; whiteness upon whiteness swooping and scooping fish. They limitedly disturbed the calm face of the sea, while cool breeze limitlessly caressed mine. It was one of those beautiful days where on the narrow strip of the beach, the sand shimmered under the abating sun like gold grains.

From my perching spot, my eyes fell on him. He lay close to the water, his well-squared and strong body bathed in the lingering sun rays. Others were walking in every direction except for her as her eyes have been fixed on him for a long time and also shone in admiration.

Time passed by and soon the sun started fighting the creeping troops of the darkness and the smoothness of the water turned into beautiful roughness; waves chasing each other and rhythmically beating the shores in a majestic symphony. But washed by a wave, he woke up and walked away and then suddenly stopped mesmerized by her looks.

“How graceful she is!” he whispered, but when her hands moved flirtingly, he added, “Am I invited to plunge into her magical sea?”, and a strange shiver ran though his whole body. He hesitantly approached her. She moved forward a stride and then stopped. He resumed his approach. The diminishing distance between them seemed to take for ever. He whispered to himself, “Finally, I am here” , and looked around to find the beach empty as everybody has already gone leaving behind tiny trails on the sand.

Despite the sun was gone, the full lunar celestial lamp guided him for his next move. In the pouring lunar light, he embraced her. She held him tightly and then both began dancing crazily to the rhythm of the shore-beating waves. They embraced tighter and their dance grew crazier in body and soul until they came to a climax and fell apart totally exhausted. They dazed; hands still clasped together. When he came back to his senses, she was already gone. He wondered, “Was she a sea fairy?”, but unable to find an answer, he dragged himself home; his ten legs hardly carrying him while walking sideways.

The End